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Tour to Gabala - wine extravaganza



Unlike "urban" gastronomic tours, wine programs involve staying in the bosom of nature, in the heart of the vineyards. Gabala has been famous for its vineyards since ancient times. The atmosphere here reigns both literally and figuratively rural: early rises, healthy food, outdoor work and simple human joys.


During the trip you are expected to:

- Walking through the vineyards

– Acquaintance with the process of wine production

- Conversations about wine with wine experts

– Visit to the Wine Museum

- Fine wine tasting with appetizers


As well as beautiful panoramas for photos, and special discounts when buying wine!



The city is located on the banks of the Demiraparanchay River, and in general  The Gabala region is a unique and beautiful region of the country, from where you can see the highest peak of Azerbaijan - Mount Bazarduzu (height 4466 m).
Gabala region with its rivers, chestnut and walnut groves, mineral springs is an ideal place for recreation.

However, its main attraction is the ancient city of Kabalaka (Chukhur Gabala), the ruins of which have been preserved 15 km from the modern city. Kabalaka was mentioned in written sources of the 1st c. and for 600 years was the capital of the state of Caucasian Albania. In addition, hundreds of ancient monuments have been preserved here, including the Albanian temple (IV-VII centuries), an ancient defensive tower & nbsp; (IX-XI  centuries),  tower  Ustajan  (IX-XIV  centuries),  many mausoleums and other historical   attractions. Near  from  Gabala  on  grief  Yaloylu  discovered    stone,  iron, bronze and gold items. In a word, if you are fond of antiquity, there is something to see here.
Modern hotels and recreation centers have been built in the city and its picturesque surroundings in recent years. Every year in the summer, international festivals are held here, which attract people from all over the world & nbsp; famous musicians, artists and artistic groups. Not far from the city  Gabala is an ancient town  Nij.
Nij —  is home  a special ethnic group among nationalities & nbsp; Azerbaijani Udis, who are considered descendants of the Caucasian & nbsp; Albanians.


Objects in Gabala and its surroundings for an additional fee (depending on time)

  • The ancient city of Kabalaka (Chukhur Gabala)

  • Entertainment center Gabala-land

  • Summer-winter tourist complex Tufandag

  • The village of Nij. Ancient Albanian Church

  • Gabala Shooting Center

  • Walk around the lake Nokhur

  • Acquaintance with folk art and historical and cultural monuments in the village of Bum

  • Walk in the Russian forest

  • Walk in Bunud forest

  • horse ride

  • Visit to the waterfall "Seven Beauties"

  • Acquaintance with historical and cultural monuments in the village of Khazra

  • Boat ride in the vicinity of Lake Nokhur

  • A trip to the bee apiary. Tea with honey

A combination with cities on the route is also possible (at will and time):

  • Inspection of the mosque in Shamakhi

  • A trip to the village of Lagich

  • A trip to the village of Baskal

  • A trip to the village of Ivanovka


Cost per tour (in US dollars):

Prices are for the entire tour, not per person.

  • Tour duration: 1 day (10-12 hours)

  • Tour season: daily

  • Route: Baku - Shamakhi - Ismayilli - Gabala - Baku (about 220 km one way)

  • Meeting point: your hotel or specified address within the city of Baku

  • Tour type: individual (private)

  • Russian language

VIP package - A choice of luxury cars(Mercedes S-class, E-class, V-class, etc.)

1 person    2 persons    3 persons    4 people    5 persons    6 people       7 or more people

  180        100          75          70           60         50               on request

VIP package

1 person    2 persons    3 persons    4 people    5 persons    6 people       7 or more people

  200        125          95          90           90         70                on request



  • Personal driver, air-conditioned car

  • 4 or 7 types of wine tasting

  • Snacks for tasting

  • Visiting vineyards, production process, wine cellar, museum

  • Special discounts when buying wine


  • Accompanying guide

  • Inspection of additional objects

  • Nutrition

  • Personal expenses

  • Insurance

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