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Northern Gate Tour


09:30 Departure on the route Baku-Gusar. Stop halfway in the area of Mount Beshbarmag. On the way you will see the city of Guba - an arched bridge across the river Gudialchay, Caucasian Jerusalem - Red Freedom.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch at a restaurant (extra charge)

15:00 Arrival to the summer-winter tourist complex Shahdag.

16:00 - A trip to the village of Laza - an exotic corner with a large number of waterfalls. Horseback riding.

17:00 – 20:00 – Departure to Baku


Called the "Northern Gate" due to its geographical location, the city of Gusar is the last large settlement in the north of Azerbaijan and borders on the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation. Lezgins live in the area - an original nationality, with a rich culture, distinguished by hospitality.


On the territory of the Gusar region, four of the nine climatic zones existing in the republic are represented. Favorable natural conditions create excellent opportunities for organizing resorts, recreation areas and tourist complexes in this area. The Shahdag Tourism Center, which operates all year round, is very popular. In winter it is a popular ski resort, and in summer it is a camp site in the bosom of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus Range.


Not far from the complex is located, surrounded by mountains, the ancient settlement of Laza, famous for its majestic waterfalls. In winter, rock climbing competitions are held on the frozen waterfalls.


Part of the territory of the Gusars is included in the Shahdag National Park - the largest in Azerbaijan, covering the area of seven regions!


Many historical monuments have been preserved in the Gusar region. Remains of the walls of the fortress in the village of Enih dating back to the 13th century, a tomb built in 1544 over the grave of Sheikh Ardabil Sheikh Junayd, who died after a battle with the troops of Shirvanshah Khalilullah I in 1460, village mosques Kokhne Khudat, Khurai dating back to the 18th century, dating back to the 19th age of Khil, Gunduzgal and Hasangal.


In 1825-26, the Russian poet M.Yu. Lermontov was in exile in Gusar. There is a house-museum of the poet in the city.


The cultural life of the Hussars is very rich. There are many musical groups in the city, among which the folklore ensemble "Lezginka" stands out. Lezginka is a temperamental national dance popular throughout the Caucasus, performed to the accompaniment of an accordion and a percussion instrument nagar. In Gusary, lezginka is more popular than anywhere else.


Laza (Lyazya)

The village of Laza is located on the northeastern spurs of the Main Caucasian Range (G.K.Kh.), at the foot of the Shah Yaylag high-mountain plateau and one of the highest peaks, Shahdag - its height is 4242 m above sea level (m.s.l. .m.). The village of Laza is located in a mountain basin at an altitude of 1300 (m above sea level), on the ancient caravan route through the passes of the Main Caucasian Range (Kurve Pass), leading to the South-Western and North-Western spurs of the Greater Caucasus. picturesque, with numerous waterfalls falling from the rocky walls. A village with a similar name is located on this path in the North-Western part of the G.K.Kh., in the gorge of the Damiraparanchay River in the Gabala region. According to legend, the ancestors of the current inhabitants of the village of Laza (Gusar district) moved there.


Ethnic Lezgins live in the village, whose ancestors were Legs, whose history is connected with Caucasian Albania, one of the most ancient states on the territory of Azerbaijan. Even ancient authors wrote about the Caucasian-speaking tribes in the northern part of Azerbaijan, among which the Legs are mentioned, presumably the distant ancestors of modern Lezgins. Recent historical research locates the main ethnic territory of the Legs on the left bank of the Samur, in modern southern Dagestan. But over the centuries, there was a gradual movement of part of the Lezgin tribes to the southern, foothill and Caspian zones. A similar trend continued among the Lezgins until the 20th century. It is important to note that the historical fate of the Lezgi people is closely connected with Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis.


Cost per tour (in US dollars):

Prices are for the entire tour, not per person.

  • Tour duration: 1 day (10-12 hours)

  • Season for the excursion: daily (recommended from April to the end of October)

  • Route: Baku - Gusar - Shahdag - Laza - Baku (about 220 km.)

  • Meeting point: your hotel or specified address within the city of Baku

  • Tour type: individual (private)

  • Russian language

VIP package - A choice of luxury cars(Mercedes S-class, E-class, V-class, etc.)

1-2 people                               3-6 people                              7 or more people

$260                                       $300                                       on request

VIP package

1-2 people                               3-6 people                              7 or more people

 on request                        upon request                               on request



  • Personal driver, air-conditioned car

  • Russian speaking tour guide

  • Visiting the objects indicated in the tour program

  • Start and end of the tour at your hotel


  • Nutrition

  • Personal expenses

  • Insurance

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