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Excursion to Mud Volcanoes + Gobustan


A jeep tour of the mud volcanoes of Gobustan is an exciting journey and a unique opportunity for those who love nature, prefer an active type of recreation, which is the passage of a tourist route off-road on all-wheel drive vehicles of high cross-country ability.


Azerbaijan ranks first in the world in terms of the number of mud volcanoes. There are about 350 out of 800 mud volcanoes in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Most of them are concentrated in the Gobustan region.


Get ready to approach the crater of an active mud volcano, admire the beauty of Gobustan from a bird's eye view and receive news from the unimaginable depths of millennia.


The main points of the route:

Road from Baku to Gobustan

The road to one of the most memorable sights of Azerbaijan takes only less than an hour from

Baku. You won’t be bored, because on the way to Gobustan we will once again enjoy the architecture of the modern city, we will pass by the Baku Shipbuilding Plant, and we will also drive along the picturesque Caspian for a considerable part of the way.


Active mud volcanoes of the Dashgil group

Have you been to Mars? Do not rush to answer, because a unique natural phenomenon awaits you ahead, which, combined with a cosmic view, will make you feel like a conqueror of a new planet. Interestingly, NASA geologists actually confirmed that the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan are similar in structure to the heights of the "red planet".


Reserve Kichik dash

"Kichikdash" or as it is also called the "Garden of Rocks" is a quiet place with a silent stone cover, which, like a "box", stores unique treasures. Here you will find a lot of megaliths of different sizes, and the first settlements of people, and most importantly - a unique panoramic view of the entire Gobustan Highlands from the very top of the mountain (176 m), where we will get on our specially equipped off-road vehicle.


Interactive Museum of Gobustan

To say that this museum is modern means to say nothing, because here are collected the technologies of the most famous museums in the world. Get ready to revive the primitive world of ancient people in your imagination, imagine yourself as an artist of the Stone Age, and also learn a lot of interesting things about the meaning of the Gobustan rock paintings. Carefully! It's easy to lose touch with reality here.

Mystery of the Roman inscription

We will definitely stop at the mysterious Latin inscription, which has managed to attract the attention of scientists from all over the world. It is believed that her in & nbsp; 1st century AD e. knocked out by a certain Julius Maximus, who served as a centurion in the Roman army. So how did the “centurion” Julius Maximus end up where, neither before nor after him, the foot of a Roman soldier had set foot? ...

Boyuk dash reserve (included in the list of monumentsUNESCO)

Panoramic views, powerful rocks, caves, and most importantly, petroglyphs... Ahead of us is the culmination of the trip to Gobustan - the open terrace "Boyuk Dash". It was here that the ancient sites of primitive people were found, who made sure that their knowledge did not disappear in the quicksands of time, so they carefully applied the most important thing to the rock. As a "bonus" you will have a unique opportunity to play one of the most ancient musical instruments on the planet!


Cost per tour (in US dollars):

Prices are for the entire tour, not per person.

  • Tour duration: 5-6 hours

  • Tour calendar: daily

  • Route: Baku - Mud volcanoes - Kichik-dash - Boyuk Dash - Gobustan Museum - Baku

  • Meeting point: your hotel or specified address within the city of Baku

  • Tour type: individual (private)

  • Russian language

1-4 people                       5 or more people

$140                               on request



  • Specially equipped SUV 4x4

  • Professional driver services

  • Visits to the Boyuk-dash Museum

  • Visiting rock paintings on the open terrace Boyuk-dash

  • Visiting the Kichik Dash reserve (climbing the mountain itself, the site of the ancient man Firuz, rock paintings)

  • Visiting mud volcanoes

  • Fuel


  • Guide services

  • Entry tickets

  • Nutrition

  • Personal expenses

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