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Baku without haste (walking tour)


Being in Baku for the first time, you will naturally ask yourself: where to start and how not to miss the most significant sights? We bring to your attention our specially designed tour, which will help you see the main sights of the center of Baku.


Tour of the Old City (Icheri Sheher)

The Old Town is literally a city within a city. Here, time seems to have frozen, and you understand that you are in an oriental fairy tale from the 1001 nights series. Walking through the Old City, accompanied by our professional guide, you will see the legendary Maiden Tower, the Friday Mosque of the 12th century, many shops with souvenirs, the market square, Caravanserai, ancient mosques, baths, workshops and artisan shops, souvenir shops, as well as Palace of the Shirvanshahs.


Nizami Street (Trading)

The central street of Baku and a favorite place of Baku residents. The name of the street speaks for itself. Previously, there was a brisk trade here. Today, here you can see boutiques of world brands, cafes, snack bars and shopping centers. Thus, having changed the name, the street still retained its original flavor.


Fountain Square

Another highlight of Baku is located here.

One of the central and most crowded squares in Baku is the Fountain Square. Even guests of the capital will immediately guess that the main attraction of this part of the city is the fountains, which, after a recent reconstruction, have acquired original and most unpredictable forms.


Next, we slowly move toPuppet Theater

Puppet show

One of the significant cultural sights of Baku. Hundreds of performances have been prepared in the theater from the day of its creation to this day. The building was built in the Baroque style in 1910.


After walking a few tens of meters, we find ourselves on the boulevard

Baku Boulevard

Seaside Boulevard is truly the sea facade of Baku, which has been the face of Baku for almost two centuries.

The history of Primorsky Boulevard, which had different names in different years, is incredibly interesting. In 2009, the centenary of the boulevard was solemnly celebrated, but its history is much longer.


Here you will see some more sights of Baku. One of them is….


Venice… But Baku. A small recreational park with canals, immersed in greenery…  Gondolas float along the canals. Here you can stop and just watch.


Further, going a little forward, you will be expected by an extraordinaryCarpet Museum

Carpet Museum

It is unusual because it resembles the shape of a rolled carpet. So it was originally conceived by a special development of designers. First of all, noteworthy is the fact that this particular museum has become the world's first specialized exhibition space of this kind.


Ferris Wheel (Survey Wheel)

The Ferris wheel was installed relatively recently, the height is about 60 meters. From the upper points of the Ferris wheel, a breathtaking view of the city and the Caspian Sea opens up.


Further, following the route, we come to the circle "Azneftwith the building of the same name.

Azneft building

Architectural building of the 19th century. From the very beginning of the construction, this building passed from the hands of one millionaire to the hands of another. During the First World War, there was a British consulate here. Since 1991, the building has been transferred to the Main Baku Oil Company. Today it is owned by SOCAR.


Passing by the famous world brand Four Seasons Hotel, we find ourselves in the Governor's Garden.

Governor's garden

It was founded in the mid-30s of the 19th century by the Baku commandant Hoven. By order of the commandant, merchants coming by sea from Iran had to deliver several cubic meters of fertile land as a special duty. Tree seedlings were also imported for planting, which grew well in this climate. That is why there are so many exotic trees here.



In the very center of the governor's garden, for more than a century, another architectural brainchild of Baku has been pleasing to the eye - the Baku Philharmonic. Concerts and operettas are held here to this day. The building was built in 1910-1912. After the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan in 1920, ensembles, orchestras and music lovers were again gathered in this building.



The history of this building is somewhat tragic. Baku millionaire Musa Nagiyev built it in honor of his son, who died from an incurable disease. This house-palace in the Gothic style was built according to the design of the legendary architect Ploshko.


Next, we are heading to the last point of our tour - the Wedding House

House of Marriages

But in a different way, Mukhtarov's palace was built in 1912. The palace was conceived by the architect Ploshko and made in the spirit of French Gothic.  In the first years of Soviet power, the club of a liberated Turkish woman functioned in the palace, and then the Wedding Palace. Today the palace is one of the most picturesque architectural buildings in Baku.


End of the tour


We return to the original meeting point - Gosha Gala.


Cost per tour (in US dollars):

Prices are for the entire tour, not per person.

  • Tour duration: 4 hours

  • Tour calendar: daily

  • Route: Center of Baku, Old City, walking route

  • Meeting point: Old town

  • Tour type: individual (private)

  • Russian language

Russian speaking professional tour guide

1-3 people                               4-10 people                              10 or more people

$80                                       $90                                       on request



  • Russian speaking professional tour guide


  • Entry tickets

  • Transport

  • Nutrition

  • Personal expenses

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