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Tour to Lankaran - Paradise on the Caspian Sea


We are pleased to present you an exciting tour to the southern subtropical part of Azerbaijan - Lankaran.
Lankaran- an ancient southern pearl and one of the most colorful corners of Azerbaijan. The region is incredibly saturated with numerous rivers, reservoirs and has favorable conditions for recreation.
On the way from Baku, you will notice how the landscape smoothly changes from semi-desert and desert to mountain and forest.


  • Opportunity to taste fragrant Lankaran tea grown on local plantations.

  • Hyrcanian National Park, which will amaze you with its nature

  • The crown Lenkoran dish-lyavangi, the taste of which will be remembered by you forever.


House of Mir Ahmad Khan
Right in the center of the city is the House of Mir Ahmad Khan - one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Lankaran. The palace was built in 1913.

Lankaran fortress (outside view)
The fortress was built in the 18th century and was one of the main fortresses of the city in the Talysh Khanate.

Operating lighthouse (inspection from the outside)
The building was supposedly built from 1747 to 1786. At that time, the tower and the building of the old prison were a single complex.

Hyrcanian National Park
The Hyrcanian National Park will bring a touch of peace. In it you can see various exotic plants, animals and just relax in the fresh air. On the territory of the park there is Khanbulan, which is called differently: a river, a lake, a reservoir.


Objects in Lankaran and its surroundings for an additional fee (depending on time):

tea factory
For true tea gourmets, we offer an exclusive and informative tour of the tea factory. Here you can see the process of tea production, visit the tea museum and plantation. This will certainly brighten up an already fascinating excursion.

Picturesque beach.
Here you can relax not only with your body, but also with your soul. The most important thing is that this beach has no analogues. Due to the fact that the sand is of volcanic origin, it acquired not a yellow tint, but black.

Waterfall Takdam (Yardimly)
On the way from Masalli to Yardimly, we recommend that you stop and take a picture against the backdrop of the waterfall in Takdam (Yardimly). The waterfall is located on the 25th km of the Masalli-Yardimli road.

Centenarians Museum (Lerik)
Lerik is known as the land of centenarians. More than 500 centenarians once lived in this mountainous region. And today the district has more than 20 residents, whose age exceeds 100 years. It is for this reason that the only Museum of Centenarians in the world was founded here.

- this is an abundance of evergreen meadows, the grandeur of mountains, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, all this merges together, creating the impression of a complete euphoria of feelings.

Istisu (Masalli)
Masalli has long been famous for its healing springs, the most famous of them is Istisu (translated from Azerbaijani as “hot water”). This thermal spring breaks through in several places on the banks of the Vilyashchay River on the slope of Mount Dombalov 1650 meters above sea level. Water comes from the bowels of the earth from a depth of 90-250 m in hot form (about 69 degrees) and is indicated in the treatment of many diseases.


Cost per tour (in US dollars):

Prices are for the entire tour, not per person.

  • Tour duration: 1 day

  • Tour season: daily

  • Route: Baku - Lankaran - Baku (about 250 km one way)

  • Meeting point: your hotel or specified address within the city of Baku

  • Tour type: individual (private)

  • Russian language

VIP package - A choice of luxury cars(Mercedes S-class, E-class, V-class, etc.)

1-2 people                               3-6 people                              7 or more people

$250                                       $300                                       on request

VIP package

1-2 people                               3-6 people                              7 or more people

 on request                        upon request                               on request



  • Personal driver, air-conditioned car

  • Russian speaking tour guide

  • Start and end of the tour at your hotel


  • Inspection of additional objects

  • Nutrition

  • Personal expenses

  • Insurance

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