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Beach tour in Baku

Beaches in the suburbs of Baku

Absheron - a dream peninsula The most respectable beaches of Baku are located on the Absheron peninsula. Photos of these beautiful places just blew up the Internet. People claim that this is a heavenly place with clean white sand and clear blue water. There are expensive hotels and hotels, many nightclubs and cottage villages. The richest people on the planet prefer to rest on this peninsula.

There are both paid and free beaches on the territory. Baku is known all over the world as one of the health resorts of the former USSR. Not surprisingly, here you can find therapeutic beaches. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get to them. They are intended only for guests of certain sanatoriums.

Since the beaches of the peninsula are considered part of the capital, the prices there are appropriate. If you are a budget traveler, then you should look for another place that will have the same infrastructure and service, but for less money. Also, quite recently, Jumeirah was built in Absheron - a hotel, an analogue of its namesake, which is located in Dubai. Naturally, the prices there correspond to the chic and style that are unique to the UAE.

City of Lankaran
The second most popular after Baku is Lankaran. This city is quite big. Here you can find a lot of entertainment. Lankaran was divided into three parts. The first is the coastal zone, which has cottage settlements, restaurants, clubs, shops and bars. The remaining two parts are the Old and New Port. The last zone is very popular among tourists. You can relax there for little money, and the locals are always good-natured.

This village is still little known. But more recently, a new large hotel was built in it, which occupied 12 hectares. This is done in order to develop tourism in the area. After all, it can boast of clean golden sand and clear water. So far, this place seems to be specially tailored for a budget holiday. In Bilge you can spend your holidays with comfort and convenience. And you don't have to pay much for it.

This resort is considered the best among the locals. As for tourists, it is not so popular with them. It's a pity. After all, the beaches here are very clean, but the entrance to them is paid. Depending on the season and day of the week, the price varies from 300 to 700 rubles per day. Naturally, in this place the beaches of Baku are well equipped. They are "stuffed" with everything that the soul of a tourist can wish for. There is not only clean sand and warm water, but also a beautiful embankment. It is located almost at the edge of the sea. That is, to visit a certain restaurant or shop, you do not need to go far from the beach. There are also various entertainments. For example, swimming pools for adults and children arranged right in the water, various water parks and interesting slides. Developed sports such as beach football, volleyball, diving, jet skis, windsurfing.

The beaches are located on the "beach" road of Novkhana. Most beaches do not have a one-time entry or entry fee.  Car parking 5 manat. In each zone there are obligatory two booths - a toilet and a shower. (1 and 3 manats) And a covered room with a bar counter, a refrigerator with drinks and a barbecue. In some places there are tandoors.  Further, visitors are offered to take one of the "arbors", for 10 manats with a view of the sea, for 5 manats without it.

A modest lunch for three of shish kebab (lamb on the ribs) with baked potatoes and tomatoes + cheese, adjika greens, and a glass of local beer will cost 25 manats.

The beach is clean, there are few people on weekdays. You can buy a ball from the merchants passing by and play volleyball while standing waist-deep in the Caspian Sea. This “waist-high” is very long here, if you go further you can fall into a funnel, there are no pieces of iron and underwater rocks.

There are beaches near the village of Novkhany and with a more developed infrastructure, here payment is charged for the "entrance" (15-20 manats) per person

Prices in water parks in Baku

Af Hotel Aqua Park
Entrance to Af Hotel Aqua Park in Novkhani costs 15 manats per person.

Bilgeh Aqua Park
Entrance to the water park Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, located in Bilgah, costs 50 manats per person. The beach in this institution costs 30 manats. Entrance for children under 6 years old is free of charge.

Aqua Park Shikov
Entrance to Aqua Park Shikov for two will cost 23 manats. The price includes car parking, use of the pool and beach accessories.

Pullman Aqua Park
Entrance to Pullman Aqua Park costs 40 manats per person. The price includes beach accessories.

Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort
On weekends, entrance to Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort will cost 70 manats for foreigners and 50 manats for locals. On weekdays AZN 50 for foreigners, AZN 35 for locals.

Sea Breeze hotel
In the Sea Breeze hotel, which is located in Nardaran, the entrance fee for one person is 20 manat.

Amburan Beach
Entrance to the famous beach in the village of Bilgah - Amburan on weekends costs 25 manats. For this money you can use the swimming pool, sun lounger and shower.

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