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Wedding in Baku - the "pearl of the Caucasus" and the capital of Azerbaijan

Sunny beaches and the majestic mountains of Baku, which wonderfully combine Western charm and Eastern beauty, are the perfect romantic backdrop for a wedding. Add to that live music, gourmet food and wine, and there's hardly a better place to eat, drink and tie the knot anywhere!

In this city, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the old meets the new, offering a completely new experience and an extraordinary opportunity to hug your loved ones in a country full of warmth and love. Surrounded by the beautiful architecture of Baku, in its amazing atmosphere of energy and passion, weave vows of eternal love into the ever-changing tapestry of city life, every detail of which is filled with romance and feelings.

how much money will be needed to prepare and directly organize the wedding.
So, gold wedding rings will cost between 200-500 manats; gold with diamonds - 700-1500 manats; gold set - 1200-3000 manats.
A solemn marriage proposal will cost 200-500 manats, for renting a wedding dress you will need to pay from 300 to 1500 manats, hair styling and makeup for the bride will cost between 300-400 manats.

Now about the prices in the houses of celebrations. The cost of one seat in a restaurant will cost 50-120 manats, rent of baskets for khoncha - 10-50 manats, a wedding car for the bride and groom - 100-300 manats, bouquets of flowers, a bouquet for the bride will cost 50-100 manats.
In addition, you need to take care of sweets. A kilogram of cake for the engagement ceremony costs from 15 to 30 manats.
A photo session will cost 100-150 manats, with a 1-minute video - 500-1000 manats.
What is a wedding without music and musicians? Here prices start from 400 manats.
If the young people want fireworks after the wedding, then it will be necessary to pay 700-2000 manats.
In general, a minimum of 9-10 thousand manats will be required to organize a wedding with the participation of 150 people.

Baku, with its endless picturesque beauty, is the best place for both a wedding and a honeymoon trip. Everything from soaring skyscrapers to the ancient UNESCO World Heritage site located in the heart of the ancient complex has something special and touching. Developed infrastructure, experienced wedding planners, exciting outdoor activities and world-famous attractions make Baku the perfect place for an unforgettable love celebration.

Fairmont Baku:

Surrounded by the Flame Towers, an architectural icon of the city, Fairmont Baku offers nothing but the best. A grand ballroom, breathtaking views from the pool bar and expansive terraces overlooking Baku Bay are just a few of the things that make this hotel the perfect wedding venue. Enjoy an amazing evening with an Azerbaijani flair by transforming the Grand Ballroom into a royal hall decorated with Baku-style flowers with sophisticated Western sophistication.


Halls: Ballroom ABC or I & II (together separately) - 480 (banquet), 950 (reception)
Hotel: 299 rooms and suites, 19 serviced apartments

JW Marriott

If you want to find a place that combines the highest world-class comfort and Azerbaijani authenticity in equal measure, head to JW Marriott Absheron Baku. For many decades, holding a wedding in the ballroom of Sharg Zali has been considered the height of prestige. The hall, as beautiful as it is functional, gives you the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views of the city and the freshness of the sea air.


Halls: Segah - 330 (banquet), 500 (reception); Rast - 242 (banquet), 350 (reception)
Hotel: 142 rooms, 29 suites

Quba Palace Hotel

Quba Palace Hotel is truly the perfect venue for your wedding celebration, whether you want to spend it outdoors or in the magnificent Shimal Hall. There is nothing more exciting than to hear vows of eternal love from the chosen one or chosen one of your destiny on the seashore against the backdrop of forests and lakes.


Halls: Shimal - 800 (banquet)
Hotel: 212 rooms and 26 villas


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